News Article Assignment Rubric

It is vital that in order to study Biological Science, you need to stay current on important news events.

In order to make sure that your Environmental knowledge is more related to modern topics and the subjects we will study, I am giving you an assignment to collect and analyze Environmental Science related news articles.

The Assignment

In a secure binder, collect news articles concerning Biology. For each article, include the following:

1) The original article, not a copy or printout from the web

2) An indication of the origin of the article and its date of printing.


4) A brief summary of the article, including significant facts

5) An explanation of how the events in the article will influence our lives, either positively or negatively. Also include a brief explanation of WHY you chose the article.

Articles do not necessarily need to come from the newspaper, but should be current. Magazines, periodicals, and other printed material are acceptable, as long as the article is about a real event, and all other criteria are met.


The binder will be collected at the end of the marking period, and will count as a 50-point test grade.

Grades will be based on the following criteria:

1) Full number of complete articles (8 per marking period, with old articles included) with a TITLE PAGE and TABLE OF CONTENTS

(5 points)

2) Articles are original, not copies or printed out. No web articles are allowed.

(5 points)

3) Full summaries of each article (who, what, when, where, why) (10 points)

4) Explanation of the significance of the events in the article is complete, and includes a discussion of the significance to biology.

(20 points)

5) All articles are held in a protective binder, and securely glued to the pages that hold them. Each article should be clearly identified with its associated summary and explanation of significance. Articles and summaries should be neat and well presented.

(10 points)

6) Summaries and explanations are computer generated, not hand written.

(0 points, but the entire assignment WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED)

Neatness counts! The articles should be neatly cut out, with no ragged edges. Students who get an A for this assignment typically put each article and summary next to each other, include a table of contents, and a title page. DO NOT put the articles in plastic sleeves.

You are trying to impress me with your work, as well as your knowledge and dedication. Put some effort forward, and this assignment will be an easy one.

DO NOT wait until the day or two before this assignment is due, or you will have to rush, and it will show in your work. This assignment should be done over the ENTIRE MARKING PERIOD. If you get it done early, you may turn it in.

Articles should be KEPT in the binder, and turned in EACH MARKING PERIOD. In other words, I want to see the original 8 articles when you turn in the second 8, and so on. By the end, you should have ALL 32 articles TOGETHER in one binder.

I WILL NOT ACCEPT: Articles turned in without the other articles, assignments that are hand written, assignments that still have wet glue and or pages stuck together, articles that are in a folder or anything other than a binder.